How To Fix Your Back Pain

How to fix your back pain

Millions of people worldwide who experience severe back pain every day would like to know how to alleviate this pain. The good news is that while some of these conditions are serious and require specialist medical treatment, most back pain can be relieved through basic exercises and a few behavioral changes. Here are some helpful tips on alleviating aching backs.

How to fix your back pain
 How to fix your back pain

Proper lifting techniques will save your back

Because we try to lift heavy objects with little regard for the position we are in at the time we lift, unnecessary strain is put on our lower back. Proper lifting techniques begin with a bending of your knees. After you grasp the object, you should then straighten your knees while at the same time keep your back straight. Rather than bending over at your waist, you are using your knees to aid in the lift. Be sure to practice proper lifting techniques whenever you lift an object, however light the object, so that this technique becomes second nature.

Sitting for long periods at a time damages your spine

These days we all sit for too long at a stretch. At our desks and in our cars, we sit for hours without taking a proper break. Be sure to get up and walk around for five minutes at least every two hours. And even when sitting, try to stretch your muscles regularly. There are several yoga poses that are good to those of us that sit for long periods and these include crouching on your knees with your head down, lying on the floor, face down and lifting your body up with your arms, and laying on your back, knees up, and lowering the knees to the floor each side of you.

Poor posture equals a bad back

We all have a tendency to slouch. This puts unnecessary strain on your back, so be sure to keep your head and shoulders erect whenever sitting, standing or walking. If you have weak back muscles you can strengthen them by lying on your stomach with your arms and legs stretched out on the floor, raise your right arm up while simultaneously lifting your left leg up off of the floor. Hold for as long as you can, then repeat on the other side.

Don’t suffer from back pain any more. If you change your behavior, exercise regularly, take up some stretching exercises, and stop your muscles from getting too tight, you’ll eliminate the causes of your back pain.

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