How to delete a Netflix account?

 How to delete a Netflix account :  Netflix offers its subscribers an online content streaming service . To take advantage of this service and watch films, TV series or even documentaries, you must obviously create a Netflix account and subscribe to a subscription. However, sometimes you no longer need this service and want to cancel your Netflix subscription .

How to delete a Netflix account?
 How to delete a Netflix account?

In this case, what is the procedure to close your Netflix profile  ? How to delete your Netflix account  ? It's not that simple. Here are our explanations.

Netflix database: how to get out of it?

Where permanently deleting an account can be done through settings and account management on certain platforms or applications, closing an account on Netflix is ​​a little more complicated. Indeed, beyond deleting your account on this platform, Netflix stores certain information relating to users, even after closing their account.

Why that ? Officially, it is “for legal purposes, including to fight fraud, keep our accounts and enforce our Terms of Use”. However, it is good to know that Netflix automatically deletes accounts that have remained inactive for more than ten months.

How to delete a Netflix account cancel-subscription-netflix

The procedure for deleting a Netflix account is carried out from a web browser  :

Go to the Netflix website and log in to your account;

Click on your profile, then on the “  Account ” tab;

Choose “  Cancel subscription ”, then confirm.

➡️ For permanent deletion of the Netflix account , you should then send a request by email to “  ”. Please note: it is imperative to write from the email address associated with the account you want to delete.

Good to know  : in order to disappear from the Netflix database , you must send another email to the same address to request it.

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