Wondering how to get narcotic pain relief from doctors for back pain? Pharmaceutical companies have produced a number of medications that offer such relief. Since back pain is one of the most common chronic ailments of our time, you should be able to get narcotic pain relief from doctors, but why not try something less before you choose that route?

OTC Back Pain Medication

Even your doctor will likely tell you to try over-the-counter (OTC) back pain medication first. OTC back pain medication includes such familiar names as aspirin, ibuprofen, Tylenol, Aleve, and Motrin. These back pain medications help reduce pain and inflammation.

Bayer has a product called Extra Strength Bayer Back and Body Pain that adds to 500 mg. of aspirin what Bayer calls “a special pain relief enhancer”. You know it as caffeine. Extra Strength Excedrin has more than twice the caffeine of Bayer’s back pain medication, coupled with half the aspirin and an equal part of acetaminophen.

Aleve back pain medication should not be taken more than 10 days without consulting your physician.

Narcotic Back Pain Medication

If OTC back pain medication, with exercise and other natural treatments, has not given relief, you may want to ask your physician about narcotic back pain medication. Lortab is one kind of narcotic pain relief for back pain. Doctors commonly prescribe pain killers such as Lortab, as well as narcotic muscle relaxants.

Narcotic back pain medications can give relief, but they must be taken every few hours to be effective.

Natural Back Pain Medication

Yes, natural back pain medications do exist. Herbal creams and rubs can be massaged into the area of pain to draw out inflammation. Ginger root is a good choice for joint and muscle inflammation. Capsicum, an ingredient in hot peppers, is also an excellent back pain medication.

Supplements work as back pain medication for some people. Magnesium and fish oil have been reported to reduce pain and inflammation. Neither has side effects for most people. Magnesium with calcium helps relax the entire nervous system and strengthen bones.

Contact a physician to determine the cause of your in

dividual back pain, and ask for back pain medication 
that is right for you.

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